The Roaring Twenties was one of the most notable decades of the 20th Century. It has also been referred to as the Jazz Age and the Dollar Decade, which referred to the type of music that was popularised in the era, and its wealth, respectively.

Lifestyles began to change, as Americans wanted to forget about the troubles, rather to just enjoy life. They chose to entertain themselves with things that were thought to be immoral. Examples of these included illegal liquor, short skirts and long-handled cigarettes. The fashion also included short skirts and rolled silk stockings.

During the time, the feeling was that morality had completely changed for the worse. Before World War I, women would wear "acceptable clothing", such as long dresses, long stockings and have long hair. However,  fashion changed om the 1920s, with short, tight dresses and silk stockings rolled down to the knees. They would cut their hair short and wear outlandish cosmetics, along with dark, flashy lipstick. Couples would dance cheek-to-cheek to blaring jazz music.

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